November 19, 2017


business ideas for students


Are you looking for profitable businesses to invest in so as to augment your monthly allowance as a student? Or maybe you sponsor yourself in school and are looking for profitable business ideas for students, not only to make ends meet, but as well to live a relatively comfortable life while on campus? You might not even fall under any of these categories, but still want to do something productive with your free time and resources. Not to worry, this is just what you’ve been looking for.

I’m going to show you a couple of legitimate business ideas for students that you can literally start right from inside your room. Many people are not even aware of the opportunities available to them, and so they end up sleepwalking from one get rich quick scheme to another.

The good thing about some of these business ideas for students is that one can actually develop them further beyond campus into a venture that becomes a major source of livelihood. Gone are the days when you only need to graduate with a good grade to get a good job. Nowadays, that’s no longer enough. Even with a Master’s degree on your CV, you are stil not guaranteed a well paying job after graduation.

One thing I’ve come to realise is that having access to useful information can spell the difference between poverty and penury. In our contemporary experience, the truth is that we don’t begin to cultivate the etrepreneurship spirit untill middle age. And this is usually after every other option has failed. We all dream of securing a lucrative job preferrably with an oil company with company cars and apartments at our disposal. Wake up!!! It might still happen, but what if it doesn’t? It’s hightime you learnt the ins and outs of entrepreneuship. You will need it later in life.

In this post, I have decided to furnish you with relevant information about  both online jobs for students, as well as sound business ideas for students in higher institutions of learning. Some of them can be done as Part-time businessess, while others can be done as full time businesses (this could be more feasible for part-time students, so use your good judgement wisely).What you decide to do with this information is entirely up to you however.

So without much further ado, let’s delve straight into the meat of the matter:

Barbing salon

This is a business that never seems to go out of demand. If you want to learn how to start a barbing salon, you’re going to have to be ready to apprentice yourself to a good barber at first. Don’t just venture into the barbing business without first gaining this expertise, otherwise angry customers are going to make your life and your business miserable. You can easily start your salon right in front of your hostel with a simple chair, mirror and clipper. If you’ve got more capital however, it can be more beneficial to brand your business as best as you could. Good branding attracts premium customers. It’s simple logic.

Learn how to start a successful snail farm, read more….

Female Hair Salon

What is good for the goose is sauce for the gander, right? So for those who are more inclined to female beautification, you can set up a female salon. The process is essentially the same as for a barbing salon. You must acquire the requisite skills asa matter of priority. For the avoidance of doubts, both male and female can get involved in the salon business.

depending on your resources and expertise, you could set up a unisex salon, to cater for the need of both male and female customers. In the event that you lack the expertise required, you can still invest in the salon business as an owner. However, for this model to succeed, you have to be ready to employ skilled barbers or hairdressers and also supervise the business adequately.

Video Coverage and Photography

The business of photography is unfortunately no longer as lucrative as it used to be. This is because of the adventt of smartphones which nowadays come with decent to excellent cameras. Welcome to the era of selfies. Nevertheless, your skills as a photographer can still fetch you a living.

Even as widespread as smartphones with powerful cameras have become, people still prefer to hire proffessional photographers for their more important events. If you are pretty good at what you do, you can easily stand out and create a niche for yourself. From dinners to fellowship thanksgiving, the opportunities are there for you to take advantage of.

With just a Smartphone with excellent camera features, and some nice photography skills in your arsenal you can start yor business. However, I recommed getting a proffesional camera or camcorder for the videography side of the business. It confers a measure of seriousness on you that may not easily come with using a smartphone.

Another aspect of this business that you can pursue is taking passports. To make your job and your life easier, you can get one of the newer automatic photo printing machines to produce digital photos. Also note that it’s critical that you possess moderate to excellent photo and video editing skills to better guarantee excellent outcomes. Otherwise you’ll have to pay someone else to do that for you. Time and money is bleeding away while you’re doing that though. even if it’s only Photoshop, try and learn the tools of the trade.

Graphic design

Almost everyday someone somewhere is planning an event or promoting a business on campus. Seminars, gameshows, and a myriad of religious activities require publicity. Thus graphic designers are always in demand to create banners, posters, hand bills, business cards.

We talked earlier about Learning how to use Photoshop. You also need to master it for this business of graphic design (as a matter of fact, having a good mastery of the adobe suite of products is a great asset). Another important tool of the trade is Corel draw. Add a computer to this, and you’re golden. Not so fast- no amount of tools will save you without your own power of imgaination and creativity. That’s what enables your work to be dinstinct and unique.

If you don’t have the skills (yet), then go ahead and get some tutorials as fast as you can. There are several free ones online. Use google to search for and download videos, PDFs and articles that teach these subjects in detail.

Video Animation

A growing trend in the graphics industry is animation. Nowadays, it is common to see animation adverts, song animations, and the craze of the moment – animated comedy skits.  There are other forms of animation apart from these more common types though. Whiteboard animations, scribe animations are just some of the other types and they are more suited to creating adverts for businesses and other purposes.

To start your animation career, you’re going to need a decent computer that can handle the rigours of rendering. Also, with the advent of drawing tablets such as the Wacom series, anybody can really now go into the animation business.

Your power of visualization, perspective and imagination will play a prominent role in deciding how far you go in this business. The toools of the trade to make your job easier include the already mentioned graphics design tools, Sparkol and Video Maker for white board animations and explainer videos.


Blogging is another avenue through which you can earn some additional income on campus. You canchoose to simply blog about your passion, be it football, relationship issues, campus celebrities – the possiblities are endless. When your followership increases to a certain level, you can apply for any of the paying advert networks, the most prominent of which is Google adsense. It’s also possible to monetize your blog with direct advert placements from indvidual and corporate advertisers. To learn more about how to create  a blog, check out this guide.

Mobile app development

If you’re skilled in the creation of moble applications such as android or iOS apps, then you can prosper by working as a freelancer and offering your services to those who need them. As a freelancer, you control your schedule and you can choose when to and when not to work.

Register on Fiverr, Upworks, Freelancer websites and create your profile to get started. There’s some cool money to be made from this, especially considering that you can legitimately earn foreign exchange in this business.

Website Design/Development

Web design is another potentially lucrative business you can do as a student. You can offer your service to fellow students, student organisations (Parapo), lecturers, and even grow to extend your reach your reach to non-members of the university community.

Another way you can make money developing websites is by offering your services to people fom across the world  on the platforms that have already been discussed. Learn HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, WordPress, and start your business by building a personal portfolio website to showcase your skill. Eventually, you can start testing your hand at other web development technologies.

Advertise your skills to those within your immediate circle. You can start by offering your services to your Campus fellowship at a dsicount. Once your expertise has been established, you won’t have too much trouble finding new clients. Moreover, you can include links to your site on your clients’ websites as a form of advertsisement.

Exam Preparation and Tutorial Classes

As a student yourself, you’ve probably experienced the power of pull that tutorial classes can exert on students preparing for an impending exam. If you’re really good in the relevant courses, from Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Mathematics to French, Anatomy, Engineering Mathematics. Your target base include students preparing for the Senior School Certificate Exam (S.S.C.E)  as well as freshers and stalites alike.

A little word of advice, as much as is possible, try to work as part of a team. You can either join one or form your own. This increases your appeal to potential clients due to the increased diversity. That way you can also offer them more efficient  and better tailored tutorials. If you and your team are really good at what you do, getting clients won’t be a problem. Word of mouth will spread the testimony.

If possible, try to build a question bank on the relevant courses both essay and MCQs and provide detailed answers to them. You can offer this as a bonus to your students or else offer the package seperately.

Business Centre

Consider how many times you’ve had to make photocopies of Lecturers’ materials, or print documents  such as your school fees receipt from your flash drive. We simply cannot do without Business centres. The market is always there for you to tap into. In order to start this business, you’re going to at least a printer and photocopier machine. A scanner (you could purcahse a combined printer scanner e.g HP deskjet series) and laminating machine can come later.

Get a vantage position (this is very important), and start your business. If you’re not going to have the time to fully run the  business, then employ an assistant to help out. Be careful though and make sure you supervise the bsuiness as often as time allows. Don’t simply leave your investment to a third party, no matter the relationship you might have with them.

The most critical skills you require are desktop publishing skills and Image editing skills.  So you’re going to have some degree of mastery of softwares such as Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel), Corel draw and/or Photoshop.

Fairly Used Clothings Business

This is more straightforward than you can imagine. Fairly used clothings are generally cheaper than new ones. Also, fairly used wears including shoes, bags, ties etc. sometimes are even more durable than some of their supposedly new counterparts.

So many factors could be responsible for this, including the relative difeerence in the quality of production, as some of these fairly used wears were actually manufactured with better technologies and raw materials. So many students have identified this facts, and hence would gladly go for the cheaper, better produced second hand wears rather than pay more for the poorly crafted, more expensive clothings.

A visit to the popular second-hand goods markets in Lagos; Katangua, Yaba will reveal the extent of the profit pottential of this business. And as a student entrepreneur, you already have your target market in close proximity. There are different grades of second hand goods on sale at the market. I advise you to go for the top quality grades. Tell people you know about your new business or you can get a sales point to display your wears. Keep privacy in mind while looking for potential stall options.

Rearing and Sales of Laboratory/Experimental Animals

This simply means breeding lab animals with the sole target of selling them to students who use them for experiments. Such animals include white mice, rabbits, guuinea pigs etc.

If your school has a Science or clinical department offering courses such as pharmacy, MLS (Medical Laboratory Science), Physiology, Biochemistry, then this business is for you.

You’re going to need cages and get healthy, strong breeders to start your business with. You’re also going to need to purchase feed for your animals as well as bedding materials to keep your cages hygienic.

Research and Analysis

Whether you’re studying Medicine or Sociology, you’re going to be required to present Seminars, Term papers and ultimately One year Projects at one point or the other in the course of your study. Even Lecturers and other workers in the Campus community need this service. Unfortunately, most of them are simply too busy to either learn the requisite skills, or when they do, to actually do the job themselves.

As a student entrereneur, this is a golden opportunity for you to exploit. Go for training in Research writing, Analysis and whether profesional or self. Nobody really cares as long as you’re good. SPSS is arguably the most prominent software to learn. Others include Mendeley, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel and of course the ubiquitous MS Word.

You don’t even need a shop for this. Once a few people know about your expertise, they’ll definitely seek you out, even while you’re on holiday with granny in the village.

Provision store

You already know the items that students can’t do without. Household needs, including foodstuff, detergents and oother cleaning agents, Noodles, Kerosene, Gas (not for school hostels) are just some of the many things you could stock. Don’t be greedy though. Make sure your prices are in touch with reality, but undersell yourself by any means.

The spirit of “He/She’s one of us” will defintely work in your favour, and other students will prefer to patronise you.

Freelance writing

If you’re a good writer with excellent grammar skills, you can sell your services to people who need it on blogs and dedicated online platforms such as Fiverr. By writing unique content, you increase your chance of landing bigger and better contracts. However there are certain tools that can make your life easier as a freelance writer.

Event planning and Decoration

Your organisational skills are very critical for you to succeed in this line of business. You can start from planning birthdays to planning Departmental/Faculty events. You can as well add venue decorations to your business and thus increase your appeal to potential clients.

Laundry Business

You could offer laundry services to members of the Campus community. Students and members of staff require laundry services because they’re either too busy or ar simply not used to doing it themselves. You don’t even need to have machines at the onset. By being innovative, you can make your customers always come back for your services.

Courtesy is a crirtical requirement to have. It endears you to your clients and makes feel at ease to patronise your laundry service.

Master of ceremony (MC)/ Stand up Comedian

Witty guys and girls, this one is for you. A master of ceremony is required at events to coordinate the event and make sure it’s memorable.

Practice in front of mirrors, do anything to improve the quality of your delivery. Work on your confidence level and tell people about what you do. You can print business cards to advertise your brand. It makes the whole setup more proffessional looking.

Catering Services

You’re wondering how this could end up on a list of good business ideas for students, right? Are you a good caterer? or if you’re not (yet), do you have the passion to learn? If yes, then you can enter into the catering business to provide services such as baking cakes and other snacks, small chops, cooking food for special occasions (alase) etc. You can bake confectioneries from the comfort of your room and sell directly to other students, or to shop owners to sell on your behalf.

All you need is the skills which many students already picked up while assisting mummy in the kitchen. Like I said, if you don’t, then look for someone to teach you. It’s possible to acquire the requisite skills in less than 2 months if you’re serious about it.

Tailoring and Clothes Adjustment

You’re going to need a sewing machine to carry out this business. People buy new cloths everyday, they buy oversized and undersized clothings. Somebody has to make the dresses and adjust the ones that don’t fit properly. Once you get your sewing machine, tell people about your services and if possible get a vantage shop location.

That’ll be all for today. Hope I’ve been able to assist you in narrowing your research for a business you can do as a student a little bit. If I have, then take the time to do more research into your chosen niche, and stick with it. Don’t procastinate, and stop doubting yourself. You can make it even as a student on campus without getting involved in illicit activities.

You might also be interested in learning about agrobusinesses that anybody can start with minimal capital and make good ROI. Thank you for stopping by and hope you have a productive day.


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