October 27, 2016

List of 98 profitable small scale businesses in Nigeria

small scale businesses


So many people have this wrong notion that they need millions of Naira in order to start the business of their dream. That’s not entirely true. At least you don’t require a fortune to start most small scale businesses/SMEs (Small and Medium Scale Entreprises). Nevertheless, the most important thing for any business to succeed is IDEAS. Viable ideas will transform into viable ventures even with little capital.

I have taken my time to compile this list of profitable small scale businesses that can be done in Nigeria, especially with the current recession biting real hard. These small scale businesses, if taken seriously can become thriving ventures and a major source of income for you and your family. Not just that, at the same time, you might even be able to do some other things for yourself, since you are now self employed.

One other important point to note is that you can easily start up some of these small scale businesses as a low capital investment and grow with time. You may not become a millionaire in a year’s time, or you may depending on how things work out for you in your particular case, who am I to say? Just remember my “eye saw” if it does happen anyways…lolz.  It is important that you rid your mind of any and all negative thoughts before starting any business.

Focus on what you want to achieve and draw out an action plan, not on the 10001 ways things could go tits up. Always remember that resilience is key. Don’t give up, EVER, and the sky will become just the beginning for you.

In subsequent posts, I’ll be going to town with some of these business ideas. The idea is to interact with current practitioners and find out some more first hand information about what they do. I’m sure you don’t want to miss that.  So keep coming back for more. And don’t forget to re-brand your business.

List of small and medium scale businesses (SMEs) easy to set up:

1. Ice block production
2. Haulage and Logistics
3. Transportation
4. Building Blocks factory.
5. Electronics repair and servicing
6. Pure water business
7. House Painting
8. Sales and Installations of security gadgets
9. Fashion designing
10.Public Relations Agency
11.Public/Motivational Speaker
12.Online Marketing
13.Video game business
14.Self Improvement workshops
15 Script/song writing
16.House Agent /Facility Management Service
17. Scholarship and Overseas Study consultancy Service
18. Bulk SMS Service
19. Daycare Center/Creche
20. Waste Management Services
21. Breeding of pets/lab animals
22. Liquid soap making
23. Software and games development
24. Security gadget sales
25. Recharge Card Printing and Sales
26. Dance/Musical Instructors
27. Motivational Speaking
28. Home /After-school Lessons
29. Internet Cafe/Business center
30. Sports Viewing Centers
31. Sports Betting Agency
32. Catering Services(Indoor and Outdoor)
33. Animal feed production
34. Ethanol Production
35. Home delivery services
36. Security gadget sales
37. Cleaning Services
38. Recharge Card Printing and Sales
39. Baking of cakes and confectioneries
40. Pop corn Business
41. Mobile food Vending
42. Computer Training Center
43. Computer Repair and Accessories Sales.
44. Mobile Phone Sales and Repairs
45. Rental Services
46. Jewelry making
47. Vegetable gardening e.g ugwu/pumpkin leaf
48. Cement Sales and Distribution
49. Frozen food Sale
50. Poultry farming
51. Fish farming
52. Snail farming
53. Grass cutter Farming
54. Manicure and Pedicure
55. Selling Fruits
56. Natural honey sales/Bee keeping
57. Social Media Marketing
58. Blogging
59. Freelance Writing
60. Mini-Importation
61. Exportation
62. Cooking Gas Sales/ home delivery
63. Recruitment Agency
64. Uniform Making Business
65. Ice Cream Production
66. Travel agency
67. Natural Fruit Juice Production
68. Photography and Videography
69. Magazine/e-zine Publication
70. Branding & Customization Services
71. Health Consultancy
72. Printing and Book binding
73. Hairdressing Salon
74. Day Spa business
75. Affiliate marketing
76. Personal Fitness Instructor
77. Car Wash Services
78. Dating Service
79. Make-up Artist
80. Virtual assistant
81. Pest control
82. Car Rentals
83. SEO consultancy service
84. Mail-order business
85. Night Clubs / Restaurants business
86. Solar power installation and equipment sales
87. Laundry and cleaning Service
88. Graphics / Logo design
89. Disc Jockey (DJ)
90. Sports Collectible Shop
91. Event Planner/Manager
92. Oil Palm Plantation
93. Internet Radio Station
94. Online Store business
95. Modelling and Event Ushering
96. Marketing/PR Services
97. Automobile Repairs and Fleet Management Services
98. Domain name flipping business.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of small scale businesses in Nigeria. So are you interested in snail farming, poultry farming, grasscutter rearing, or Baking and catering services? We’d be happy to hear from you! If you have any questions, observations, or an experience you wish to share, please feel free to use the comment section below and we can all learn a thing or two together. Cheers!

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