August 24, 2017

How to register for export certificate in Nigeria 2017

How to register for export certificate in Nigeria- The step by step online guide

You’re probably aware that one of the easiest ways to earn foreign exchange is by selling commodities and services abroad. The outlook of exportation business in Nigeria has never been this good. So many young, smart and informed entrepreneurs have already keyed into this gold mine of opportunities, and yet there’s still chance for even more to come on board. So if you’re looking for information on how to register for export certificate in Nigeria, then you’ve come to the right place.

You can choose from a wide variety of commodities to export, ranging from agricultural products like kolanut, cashew nut to commodities such as charcoal, honey and even snails. You can find more here. However before you can start exporting any commodities, you need an export certificate. The essence of this post is to teach you how to register with NEPC (the body in charge of registering export certificate in Nigeria).

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council is the body in charge of issuing certificates to intending exporters in the country. The process has been made reasonably easy compared to what obtained before and by following the steps outlined below, you can easily obtain your own export certificate too and start making legitimate money.

E-registration procedure:

The official online registration portal of the NEPC is “”. Just copy and paste the address in your search bar, or better still, simply click on this link and you’ll be taken to the official Nigerian Export Promotion Council.

1.  Create a new account or sign in to a registered account.

2.  After registration click register a new certificate on the dashboard that appears.

3. Fill in the details of the company seeking an exporter certificate.

4. Choose the type of company and upload the relevant documents. Note: Individual CAC documents should be scanned as a single document before uploading. i.e the form C07 might have multiple pages but these pages need to be scanned to form one document

5. Click on Preview to review the information supplied in the form then click on Submit and proceed to payment.

6. An invoice is generated click on make payment. 

7. Your certificate will be processed after confirmation of payment.  You will receive an SMS and Email alert once your certificate is ready. This would normally take within 24 working hours. 


Current rates for registration of export certificate in Nigeria:



i.New Registration13,500         
ii.Renewal of Old Certificate13,500
iii.Late Renewal of Old Certificate13,500
iv.Mutilated Old Certificate13,500
v.Lost Old Certificate13,500
vi.Export Expansion Grant (EEG) Accreditation100,000
 N/B  all certificates issued before the 3 April, 2017 on expiry will be required to migrate to the online platform by registering for a new certificate on the platform.  
 Prices after Migration 
vi.Renewal of CertificateN7,500
vii.Late Renewal of CertificateN12,500
vii.Mutilated CertificateN12,500
viii.Lost CertificateN12,500
 N/B Nationwide Shipping is availabe for all services @ ₦2,500

Images courtsey Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC).

So, that’s all the information on how to register export certificate in Nigeria. Thank you for reading, and do have a productive day.

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