How to set up rabbit farming business in Nigeria

rabbit farming in Nigeria

Rabbit farming is an agribusiness with a quite huge market potential. It is a business that hasn’t just proven to be a great source of income to thousands of people worldwide, but has also as a critical source of protein for people in parts of Africa, including Nigeria and indeed worldwide.

Rabbits belong to the family Leporidae and can be found free in their natural habitats in many countries around the world such as Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya. They

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Best Payment gateway for online business in 2017

Payment gateway in Nigeria

Online business in Nigeria today is generally growing at a steady rate, and this has been hugely helped by the increasing prominence of Payment gateways, which enable people to pay and receive money online using mostly their debit and credit cards with relative confidence. This discourse is not exhaustive, hence the onus is on you as a prospective Merchant to do your own due dilligence before making a definitive decision on which payment gateway to adopt. Since you

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Step by step guide to start an online store in Nigeria

guide to setting up online store in Nigeria

You may have heard something about selling online generally, or setting up an online store. Well, some are true, some others aren’t. Almost everyone of us have at one time or the other dreamt about just resting at home while money keeps pouring into our bank accounts. As an entrpreneur, one should never ever rest on one’s oars. Even if your business is doing great currently, it can definitely do better, unless of course you are one of those not interested

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Small business accounting tips in 2017

small business accounting tips

Here are 4 valuable small business accounting tips that will enable you take total control of your business venture. It doesn’t really mattter what kind of business you do, the basics will always remain the same:

1. Have a plan for contigencies:

He who fails to plan has planned to fail. Pay attention to seemingly minute details in your business as tiny leaks can wreck a mighty vessel. Make a honest appraisal of your business and be ready to factor in relevant costs. There are even certain expenses

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How to Start Snail Farming For Beginners in Nigeria 2017

Snail farming in Nigeria

How to Start Snail Farming For Beginners in Nigeria -Everything you need to know

Snail farming in Nigeria is a very lucrative business that can be easily set up with low initial capital outlay and minimal running cost. Snails are found all over the rain forest zone of Nigeria. And it is the same in our neighbouring contries of Ghana, cote D’ivoire and Benin. As a snail farmer, you can maximize your profits by employing simple strategies coupled with excellent husbandry practices and application of good quality control. You might also see

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FG spends N16b annually in foreign exchange on tomato importation

tomato importation in nigeria

According to the Director General of the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC), Dr. Hussani Ibrahim, about N16 billion is currently expended annually in foreign exchange on tomato importation.

This was made known by the DG during the presentation of improved tomato seeds to vegetable farmers in Kaduan state on Tuesday. “With an annual national domestic demand estimated at 2.4 million metric tons, only about 1.7 million metric tons is produced annually leaving a deficit of 700,000 metric tons due to cultivation of existing low yield varieties and high post-harvest losses.

The DG who was represented by the Director, Agricultural and Agro-Allied Department,

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How to register for export certificate in Nigeria 2017

How to register for export certificate in Nigeria- The step by step online guide

You’re probably aware that one of the easiest ways to earn foreign exchange is by selling commodities and services abroad. The outlook of exportation business in Nigeria has never been this good. So many young, smart and informed entrepreneurs have already keyed into this gold mine of opportunities, and yet there’s still chance for even more to come on board. So if you’re looking for information on how to register for export certificate in Nigeria,

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9 reasons why you need a website for your small business


So you have been wondering how best to grow your small business lately, but have you consideredwhether you need a website to actualise your aspirations? It’s no longer enough to simply get a shop, print handbills and banners and wait for the mullah to start rolling in. The world has moved on from when you used to assist your mum at the shop. Back then, word of mouth advertisement was king. Don’t get me wrong, those methods still work, but definitely not as potently as they did back

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