How to set up successful poultry farming business

poultry farming business in Nigeria-layers

How to set up successful poultry farming business

Poultry farming has long been part of our culture, especially in this part of the world. I remeber back in the days, whenever there’s a new set of hatchlings in the home, each of the chicks would get “assigned” to the children in the home. And then it became your responsibility to cater for that little chick from chickhood to henhood/roosterhood as the case may be. It was “our” chicken. Ironically, whenever there’s a celebration

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How to set up rabbit farming business in Nigeria

rabbit farming in Nigeria

Rabbit farming is an agribusiness with a quite huge market potential. It is a business that hasn’t just proven to be a great source of income to thousands of people worldwide, but has also as a critical source of protein for people in parts of Africa, including Nigeria and indeed worldwide.

Rabbits belong to the family Leporidae and can be found free in their natural habitats in many countries around the world such as Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya. They

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How to Start Snail Farming For Beginners in Nigeria 2017

Snail farming in Nigeria

How to Start Snail Farming For Beginners in Nigeria -Everything you need to know

Snail farming in Nigeria is a very lucrative business that can be easily set up with low initial capital outlay and minimal running cost. Snails are found all over the rain forest zone of Nigeria. And it is the same in our neighbouring contries of Ghana, cote D’ivoire and Benin. As a snail farmer, you can maximize your profits by employing simple strategies coupled with excellent husbandry practices and application of good quality control. You might also see

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