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How to make money from Bulk SMS business

bulk sms business in Nigeria-How to

Introduction to BULK SMS:
You probably already know what Bulk SMS means, but for the few who might not, simply put, bulk SMS is the sending of large numbers of customised SMS messages to several mobile phones at once. It enables you the sender to send an SMS bearing whatever name you choose as the sender (there are certain names you can’t use) to several people without even needing a phone to send the messages. It’s a very effective

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Best Payment gateway for online business in 2017

Payment gateway in Nigeria

Online business in Nigeria today is generally growing at a steady rate, and this has been hugely helped by the increasing prominence of Payment gateways, which enable people to pay and receive money online using mostly their debit and credit cards with relative confidence. This discourse is not exhaustive, hence the onus is on you as a prospective Merchant to do your own due dilligence before making a definitive decision on which payment gateway to adopt. Since you

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Step by step guide to start an online store in Nigeria

guide to setting up online store in Nigeria

You may have heard something about selling online generally, or setting up an online store. Well, some are true, some others aren’t. Almost everyone of us have at one time or the other dreamt about just resting at home while money keeps pouring into our bank accounts. As an entrpreneur, one should never ever rest on one’s oars. Even if your business is doing great currently, it can definitely do better, unless of course you are one of those not interested

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