9 effective Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs

productivity tips

As a business owner, you’re in charge of several things – from the day-to-day operations of the business to the long-term business plans. It’s actually easy to get swamped and getting everything done may seem daunting. These productivity tips have been dilligently researched and guaranteed to work for you, if only you can faithfully follow them.

From research, its been found out that the average entrepreneur spends 11% of their time doing what can actually be considered “business”,

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Small business accounting tips in 2017

small business accounting tips

Here are 4 valuable small business accounting tips that will enable you take total control of your business venture. It doesn’t really mattter what kind of business you do, the basics will always remain the same:

1. Have a plan for contigencies:

He who fails to plan has planned to fail. Pay attention to seemingly minute details in your business as tiny leaks can wreck a mighty vessel. Make a honest appraisal of your business and be ready to factor in relevant costs. There are even certain expenses

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